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Integrated Science Center (ISC)

Millington/Rogers Halls (Renovation/Expansion)

  • Integrated Science Center
    Integrated Science Center  The second phase of the ISC will completely renovate Rogers Hall. ISC 2, which will be completed in 2009, will house the psychology department and more offices for biology faculty members.  
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Built in 1968, Millington Hall, located on the new campus, is the home of the Biology and Psychology departments. Rogers Hall, built in 1975 and situated next to Millington Hall, houses the Chemistry department. Both halls contain classrooms, teaching and research laboratories as well as administrative space. Phase 1 and 2 supported the construction of a new, high tech laboratory building as well as renovation of existing spaces. The project included modernization of the building and mechanical systems, improved technological capacity and capability, upgraded electrical capacity and modernization of laboratory spaces.

Phase 3 constructs 113,000 GSF facility, designed for scientific research in existing applications (applied science, biology, chemistry, and psychology), future inter-disciplinary programs (STEM), and computer modeling.  The project is included in the Commonwealth's VCBA pooled project program.

  • Cost:
    Phase 1 and 2: $64,925,000
    Phase 3:            $77,889,000
    Total:                 $142,814,000
  • Fund source: General Funds, GOB/VCBA, 9d Debt and Private Funds
  • Renovation GSF: Phase 2 - 45,066
  • Expansion GSF:
    Phase 1 - 120,000
    Phase 3 - 113,000
  • Start Date:
    Phase 1 - January 2006
    Phase 2 - May 2008
    Phase 3 - late Spring 2014
  • Finish Date: June 2016
  • Design Team: Phase 1 and 2 -  Moseley Architects/Payette Architects
    Phase 3 -  Einhorn Yaffee and Prescott (EYP)

  • Contractor: Phase 1 and 2 -   Gilbane Development Companies 
    Phase 3 - Whiting-Turner Contracting

  • Progress:  Phase 3  - While BCOM projects that a $74.180M project budget is sufficient, there remains a $3.7 million gap between their estimate and minimum College requirements.  The College is proceeding with completion of construction drawings at a budget of $77.889 million, which is within the 105% allowable budget by statute.  Construction drawings are now in code review.  Upon receipt of code comments, and their incorporation into the construction drawings, the GMP will be developed and submitted to BCOM for a final funding review.  Pending the results of that review, construction is anticipated to start in late spring 2014, and will last 24 months to enable a summer 2016 project completion.


Building Committee

Randy Strickland, Project Manager
Anna Martin, Vice President, Administration
Martha Sheets, Senior Planner
Dave Shepard, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Wayne Boy, Director Facilities Planning Design & Construction
Bob Avalle, Facilities Operation Director, Facilities Management
Kate Conely, Dean, Arts and Sciences
Dennis Manos, Vice Provost, Research & Graduate Professional Studies
Bernadette Kulas, Assistant to the Vice Provost
John Griffin, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Chris Abelt, Chair, Chemistry
Liz Allison, Chair, Biology
Christopher Del Negro, Chair, Applied Science
Janice Zeman, Chair, Psychology
Josh Burk, Director, Neuroscience
Eric Bradley, Liaison, Arts and Sciences