William & Mary

Chandler Hall Renovation

A full interior and exterior renovation of the 151 bed Chandler Hall, including roof replacement, window replacement, building systems replacement, and interior finishes is scheduled to occur over 14-15 months.

  • Cost: $10.497-million
  • Fund Source: 9c bonds
  • Renovation GSF: 51,000
  • Start Date: May 2014
  • Finish Date: July 2015
  • Design Team: Boynton-Rothschild-Rowland
  • Contractor: Clancy & Theys
  • Progress: Construction drawings have been reviewed for code compliance.  Final revisions are in progress in parallel with final GMP development.  Construction is scheduled to start after commencement 2014 and will be complete by July 2015.


Building Committee
Gilbert Stewart, Project Manager
Anna Martin, Vice President, Administration
Martha Sheets, Senior Planner
Dave Shepard, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Wayne Boy, Director, Facilities Planning Design & Construction
Bob Avalle, Director of Operations and Maintenance, Facilities Management
Bob Dillman, Code Review, Facilities Management
Ginger Ambler, Vice President, Student Affairs
Deb Boykin, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (Campus Living) and Director of Residence Life