Overview of the Work Order Mass Change Form

The Work Order Mass Change form provides a method for changing selected fields for several work order at one time.

The form provides two functions.  "Query Work Orders" allows you to search for and display work orders according to a wide variety of FInd criteria.  "Mass Change" lets you change the values in selected fields for many work orders with a single operation (FAMIS Online Help).

This form is easily accessed from the menu of the "Customer Service - Work Cntrl" role within FAMIS.

Work Order Mass Change Form

How to Query

Click the "Query Work Orders" button to open the "Query Criteria" form.  Provide your search criteria and click the "OK" button.  Results will appear on the "Work Order Mass Change" form.

How to Make Mass Changes

Caution!!! All of the records returned from a query are selected by default by a check in the "Pick" field. Make sure you uncheck any records that you do not want to change.

Suppose we want to change the STATUS of all work orders that are COMPLETE to CLOSED.  After querying work orders with the STATUS of COMPLETE, click the "Mass Change" button on the "Work Order Mass Change" form to open the "Mass Changes" form.

Be careful!  Everything where "Pick" is checked will be updated.

Make the change to the appropriate field.  In this case, STATUS is CLOSED.

Click the "OK" button.