Part Record

The Part Record isn't there...or is it?


When the PO Interface ran, it failed to import a purchase order into FAMIS because the part number on the purchase order didn't match a part number in FAMIS.

The user attempted to search for the Part Number using the FAMIS Part form, but the query caused, " records to be returned."  The user then tried to add the part number using the same Part form.  The user received the error message, "This part already exists; please reenter or clear record."


The Systems Administrator checked the famis_part_warehouse table and was able to see that a record existed for the missing part number.  A search of the famis_part table for a related record showed that the record for the part number wasn't missing from this table, but instead had an incorrect part number (**ASSIGN**).

The Systems Administrator ran a script to update the incorrect part number on the record and the problem was resolved.

UPDATE famis_part
SET part_number = '598-0010'
WHERE part_number = '**ASSIGN**'