Network and Drive Mapping

facman$ aka the "G" drive

The network directory called facman$ is accessible and used by most facilities staff though it is possible to lock down some of its subdirectories to only authorized people.  Access to facman$ is provided by our Technology Department .  To gain access a supervisor must send a request via email to the [[support, Technology Support Center]].

Once access is granted, the user must map a drive from their PC to the facman$ location.  The most commonly used drive letter is "G". 

If you have any problems mapping to facman$, please contact Bobbi Rawlings, Systems Administrator through [[borawl, email]], or at 221-7835.

1. On your computer, click Start. In the picture below, Start is located in the bottom left corner.  It looks like a circle containing a rainbow colored windows icon.

2. Right click on Computer.

3. Click on Map Network Drive.

4. Pick a drive letter.  In most instances, G is used to map to facman$ (also known as the "G drive").  But any letter can be used.

5. In the Folder box, type \\\facman$

6. Check the box Reconnect at logon.

7. Click Finish.  That should be it!