FAMIS Security

FAMIS security is set up according to roles.  Access and functionality of a form depends on the role that the user is assigned to.  For example, someone with the Customer Service - Work Cntrl role can create work orders, whereas someone with the Crew Supervisor role and only view and change the status of a work order. 

It is a standard security measure that a user have the minimum security needed in order to perform their job function.  For more information regarding FAMIS Access, visit  "Getting Access to FAMIS".

Password Requirements

After access to  FAMIS is granted, the user will be supplied with a password.  Users are prompted to change their password the first time they log on to FAMIS.

  • It must be between 8 and 30 characters in length.
  • It may begin with a number.
  • If you are resetting your password, it must have a minimum of 4 positions that are different from your previous password.
  • It must NOT include the following special characters: !"#$%&()'*+,-/:;<=>?@
  • If you are resetting your password, it must be different from you past 10 passwords.
  • You can't use obvious passwords such as "Passwords1". 
Expired Passwords

If your password expires, a pop-up window prompts you to enter a new password.

1. Enter your old, expired password.
2. Enter the new password with confirmation, and
3. Click OK.

Forgotten Passwords

To reset forgotten passwords, contact  the [[borawl, Systems Administrator]], ext. 17835.  If the Systems Administrator is not available, contact the [[ttsinclair, Director of Business Services]], ext. 11216.

Sharing FAMIS Logins
  • Users are not allowed to share their userid and password.
  • Users are not allowed to use someone else's userid and password to login to the FAMIS system.

Be aware that it is possible to track login activity.  Any suspicious  activity will be reported to management and could result in disciplinary action.