FAMIS Patch Site

The FAMIS Patch site is an FTP site that provides for a secure, faster delivery of releases.  The FTP site is portal.accruent.com

There can be only on FTP account per institution.  Contact the [[borawl, Systems Administrator]] for the userid and password.

Any FTP software can be used.  Host: portal.accruent.com, Username, Password, Port: 22 for customizations.  Port 2222 for source code.

If when trying to connect you recieve a "Unknown host key" box, check the box for "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache".  Then, click the "OK" button.

Once connected to the FTP site a folder for the College of William and Mary should appear in the "Remote Site" area.  Click on the node beside it, and then click on "Links".  This contains links to directories for the FAMIS components for which Accruent provides maintenance (ex. FAMIS Inventory Control, FAMIS Maintenance Management, etc.).

How To Connect to FTP and SFTP (pdf)

FAMIS Patch Site Upgrade Webinar