FAMIS Online Help Manual

Information contained in the FAMIS Online Help Manual is only to be used by the College of William and Mary faculty and staff.  You may create copies of any Help Manual documentation for either your own use for distribution to any College of William and Mary faculty or staff.  You are not permitted to make copies for distribution to entities and/or people outside of the College of William and Mary

FAMIS has a built-in "Help Manual" containing documentation for a variety of topics.  To access the manual, logon to FAMIS.  Then, on the tool bar, click on "Help" , then click on "FAMIS Online Help Manual".  A menu will be displayed showing a variety of subjects.  Simply click on the desired subject and the Help Manual will open.  Access to FAMIS is required in order to access the manual.

Searches can be performed using a table of contents, an index, or a search box.

The "Help Manual" is not particularly intutitive so be prepared to dig around a bit in order to find what you need.  If you can't find what you need feel free to contact [[armani, Alice Manis]].