Getting Access to FAMIS

Basic Information
  • FAMIS works best in the Internet Explorer browser.  Make sure that Internet Explorer is the default browser on your machine.
  • Do not agree to update JAVA on your machine if prompted to do so.  FAMIS will not work with JAVA versions above 6.
  • It is no longer necessary for the Systems Administrator to set up your machine in order to run FAMIS. 
Terms and Conditions of Access
  • You must be an employee of the College of William and Mary in order to access our FAMIS database.
  • Only supervisors are allowed to request FAMIS access for a user.  When requesting access, Supervisors need to provide the following information about the user:
    a.) First and last name (no nicknames)
    b.) William and Mary Userid
    c.) The security role required.  If the Supervisor is not sure what role to use, then provide the name or userid of an employee that has the type of access that will be required by the new employee.
    d.) Brief explanation of why the access and security role are required.
  •  Access must be approved by the Director of Business Services. 
  • Only the minimum level of security required to perform a job function will granted.
  • Users are not allowed to share their FAMIS login information, or use another users login to access FAMIS.  Doing so could result in disciplinary action.
  • Contact [[armani, Alice Manis]] for access.
Need Help?

For FAMIS access or help getting FAMIS to run on your machine, please contact [[armani, Alice Manis]].