Discoverer Report Protocol


The purpose of this protocol is to create standardization and organization of all Discoverer Reports created by Facilities Management staff.

1.) Check First!

Check FAMIS and the Discoverer spreadsheet before writing a Discoverer Report from scratch.

2.) Follow proper naming convention

The naming convention for reports should reflect the FAMIS module it targets.  For example, reports writtnen for space data should have names that begin with FSM.
THe FAMIS modules are:
FAMIS Maintenance Management - FMM
FAMIS Key Control - FKC
FAMIS Inventory Control - FIC
FAMIS Capitol Planning -FCP

Use FMM as the prefix if you're uncertain which module identifier to use.

3.) Provide a description

All workbooks must have a description which should include the author's name.

4.) Add it to the "Inventory of Discoverer Reports" spreadsheet

This file is located on FACMAN in the Administration-Business Services>Information Technology> FAMIS Discoverer Reports folder.