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LEED Certified Buildings

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a building rating system created by the USGBC that is used internationally to classify buildings by their level of sustainability. In considering sustainability, their criteria looks at factors such as site location, water and energy efficiency, building materials, waste control, transportation, and more. LEED uses a holistic approach to assess buildings on a point based system. The levels of project certification from lowest to highest points are as follows: Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. 

LEED Certification badges in order of Certified, Silver, Gold, and Platinum

Using LEED's framework, residential projects,  new construction, and building additions, can reduce their energy consumption, conserve water, divert waste and lower CO₂ emission while saving money in the long run. W&M is committed to meeting LEED standards as part of their mission to become a more sustainable campus.

Currently, W&M has 17 LEED certified projects covering 867, 258 ft².

Current LEED Certified Buildings on Campus
Table with list of W&M LEED certified buildings including their date of certification, level of certification, and project type.
Image Building LEED Scorecard Certification Year Certified Certification Type
Alumni house expansion shown from the front Alumni House Addition Silver 2022 New Construction
Front of Chancellors Hall (formerly known as Tyler Hall) Chancellors Hall Gold  2017 New Construction
Cohen Career Center viewed at night Cohen Career Center Gold 2011 New Construction
Integrated Science Center 3 seen from the road, showing the outside of a round lecture room Integrated Science Center 3 Gold 2017 New Construction
Landrum Hall shown from the front Landrum Hall Silver 2019 New Construction
Lemon Hall Lemon and Hardy Halls Certified 2007 New Construction
picture of the Marshall Wythe School of Law Marshall Wythe School of Law Addition Silver 2019 New Construction
Outside view of the mostly glass exterior of a two story, multi-tiered building nestled at the edge of the woods. McLeod Tyler Wellness Center Gold 2017 New Construction
Mason School of Business shown from the front Miller Hall (Mason School of Business) Gold 2010 New Construction
Student Rec Center Rec Center Renovations Certified 2007 New Construction
picture showing the front of the School of Education School of Education Gold 2011 New Construction
Tucker Hall shown from the front Tucker Hall Gold  2015 New Construction
West Utility Plant shown from the street West Utility Plant Gold 2020 New Construction
View of a fraternity house from the street Greek Fraternity Community Building Silver 2015 New Construction
House 620 in the Greek community House 620 Gold 2013 Homes
House 630 in the Greek community House 630 Gold 2013 Homes
House 640 in the Greek Community House 640 Gold  2013 Homes
House 760 of the Greek community Houses 660, 670, 710, 720, 730, 740, 750, 760 (included in the assessment of the three projects above Fraternity Housing) Gold  2013 Homes