West Utility Plant

Standard File

(Phase I) Construct an 11,500 GSF utility plant building that will house three 1200 ton chillers and three 9,900 MBH (million British Thermal Units / hour) boilers and connect to existing underground distribution networks. The plant will be sized to accommodate one additional chiller and three boilers for future capacity demand. (Phase II) As the budget allows, chilled water and hot water lines will be piped into the West Campus area so that facilities and future projects may use this plant.

  • Project Number:  204 – 18202
  • Cost: $30,264,000
  • Fund Source: State / CWM debt
  • Renovation/additional GSF: 12,650
  • Start Date: Nov 2015
  • Finish Date:  estimated Jan 2020
  • Project ManagerAdam Witkowski
  • Design Team: RMF Engineering      
  • Contractor:  DPR Construction
  • Progress:
                  Request for Proposal:
                  Contract Awarded: 11/2015
                  Working Drawings:  12/2017
                  Code Review:  12/2017
                  Permit Award:  04/2018
                  Construction Start:  06/2018
                  Construction Completion:  est 10/2019
  • Notes
    1. 9/26/18 Working drawings were completed in December of 2017 with construction permit expected by April 2018. First phase of construction will last 14 months with a completion date of June 2019, and system tie in over summer of 2019.
    2. 11/08/18  Construction commenced June 2018. Building foundations underway and site utilities ongoing. Construction will last 19 months with a completion in January 2020.