Sadler West Addition

Standard File

Preplanning study focuses on developing a concept design reconciled to a budget and program for the Sadler West Addition (46,268sf). The study requires analysis and understanding of the current Student Affair operations, space utilization, overall physical, operational and qualitative conditions in the Student Life Village, with attention to the site, utilities and building systems at the Sadler Center.  Space at OTP and Health Center (10,483sf) are included in the analysis..

  • Project Number:  204 – 18360
  • Cost: $37,742,000 estimated
  • Fund Source: CWM aux / CWM debt
  • Renovation/additional GSF: 42,268
  • Start Date: Oct 2018
  • Finish Date:  estimated ADec 2020
  • Project ManagerBen Mulherin
  • Design Team: Grimm & Parker/William Rawn
  • Contractor:  TBD
  • Progress:
                  Request for Proposal:
                  Contract Awarded: 10/2018
                  Working Drawings:  est 10/2019
                  Code Review:  est 10/2019
                  Permit Award:  est 12/2019
                  Construction Start:  est 12/2019
                  Construction Completion:  est 08/2021
  • Notes
    1. 9/26/18 : Award of full design expected this month with an expected duration of 15 months. Construction planned to start in December of 2019.
    2. 11/0818   Design awarded last month. Construction planned to start in December of 2020.