Reveley Garden

Restoration of a 1926 Charles Gillette garden that was designed as part of William and Mary’s Beaux-Arts campus plan but that was never built.  The site of the garden today functions as campus circulation space, much as Gillette’s design intended, but the site lacks the structure, elegance, and aesthetics of Gillette’s plan.  Project will create new places of repose and beauty on the south side of W&M’s campus, as well as move to fulfilling Gillette’s thoughtful and compelling design for the early twenty first-century campus. W&M will partner with the Garden Club of Virginia (GCV) for a portion of the project scope.

  • Project Number:  204 - 80001
  • Cost: $1,627,783
  • Fund Source: Private Funds, Gift In Kind
  • Renovation/additional GSF:  
  • Start Date: 05/2018
  • Finish Date:  estimated May 2019
  • Project ManagerBen Mulherin
  • Design Team: Draper Arden
  • Contractor:  TBD
  • Progress:
                  Request for Proposal:
                  Contract Awarded: 05/2018
                  Working Drawings:  09/2018
                  Code Review:  09/2018
                  Permit Award:  10/2018
                  Construction Start:  10/2018
                  Construction Completion:  05/2019
  • Notes
    1. 9/26/18 : A formal agreement between GCV and W&M was signed in June 2018. Project will be designed and constructed in two phases: 1) site excavation and utilities; and 2) the installation of the landscaping elements.  Groundbreaking was held on June 13, 2018 with phase one starting in the fall.  Tentative completion date for all work is May of next year.
    2. 11/08/18  No update.