Lake Matoaka Dam Spillway

State Dam Safety Regulations currently require that the spillways of all high-hazard dams must pass 90% of the probable maximum flood. This results in 7 foot overtopping of existing earthen dam.

  • Project Number:  204 – 18003
  • Cost: $6,799,000
  • Fund Source: State
  • Renovation/additional GSF:
  • Start Date: Mar 3013
  • Finish Date:  estimated Dec 2019
  • Project ManagerBen Mulherin
  • Design Team: Draper Aden
  • Contractor:  TBD
  • Progress:
                  Request for Proposal:
                  Contract Awarded: 02/2018
                  Working Drawings:  est 12/2019
                  Code Review:  est 11/2019
                  Permit Award:  TBD
                  Construction Start:  est 01/2019
                  Construction Completion:  est 12/2019
  • Notes
    1.  9/26/18 Preliminary Design completed in August 2018. Result of PD design reduced  previous construction estimate by $1,000,5375.  BCOM will establish the final project budget after their review of PD’s. Working Drawings are estimated for completion in December 2018.  Completion of project remains dependent on the allocation of additional Commonwealth funding
    2. 11/08/18 Working Drawings anticipated 1/30/19.