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Blow IT Data Center Renovation

Scope – Install new HVAC system for computer rack cooling to correct the hot and cold aisle air mixing; install redundant power sources - two electrical buses (A&B) for scalability and ease of maintenance: and, for uninterruptible power supply, two new UPSs will be installed and backed up by a new generator power source. The generator will be sized to handle the loads currently on the existing generator. 

  • Project Number: 204-18112-003 -- DEB PC# 204-A9204-005
  • Cost: $ 2,279,408
  • Fund Source: Debt (0815)                
  • Renovation/additional GSF: 56, 000
  • Start Date: Mar 2017
  • Construction Start Date: July 2021
  • Finish Date:  Jan 2022
  • Project ManagerAdam Witkowski
  • Design Team:  Clark Nexsen
  • Contractor:  TBD
  • Progress: Working drawings are being assembled.