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Cooling Plant & Historic Campus Utilities Improvements

There are three phases to this project:

Phase 1 - Construction of a 3600 gsf Cooling Addition attached to the south wall of the existing heating plant will house up to four 900 ton chiller units and one 400 ton ice plant (in order to provide a thermal reserve for peak demand).  The facility will be built and partially equipped during phase 1, and the distribution piping installed in phase 2. 

Phase 2 - New lines will be installed to distribute steam from the Power Plant and chilled water from the new Cooling Addition to 11 of 27 buildings on the Historic Campus and south of Jamestown Road.

Phase 3 - Installation of three new water line segments to improve fire suppression water pressure. Two segments are within the Historic Campus.  The third segment is the only portion of work outside the Historic Campus. This segment extends from Jamestown Road (vicinity PBK) along the west side of Barksdale Field to Swem Library.

Additional information on the Historic Campus Utility Project.

  • Cost: $22.3-million
  • Fund Source: VCBA and 9(d) Bonds
  • Renovation GSF:
  • Start Date: October 2009
  • Finish Date: August 2013 (Brafferton - last building)
  • Design Team: RMF Engineering (All Phases)
  • Contractor: Martin Horn, Inc. (Phase 1), Mid-Atlantic Infrastructure Systems (MIS) (Phases 2 & 3)
  • Progress: Twenty-seven buildings are connected to the newly renovated and expanded central district heating and cooling utility plant, replacing systems that were 50-60-70 years old.  The Brafferton, the final building, was connected to its new piping during renovation.
  • Current Map


Project Manager: Mark Ballman