Plumeri Baseball Practice Facility

The project will construct a single story 5,280 gsf indoor baseball training facility along the third base line of Plumeri Park.  The pre-engineered building will enclose three batting tunnels and a soft pitch "on deck" area within an all-weather envelope.

  • Project Number:  0197-001-13
  • Cost: $ 1,063,700.00
  • Fund Source: Private (0302)(PRF-Athletics)
  • Renovation/additional GSF: approx. 5280
  • Start Date: Aug 2013
  • Finish Date:  Apr 2016
  • Project ManagerOot Singhaseni
  • Design Team:  CHA Consulting, Inc.
  • Contractor:  A.R. Chesson Construction
  • Progress:
                  Request for Proposal: 08/2013
                  Contract Awarded: 10/2013
                  Working Drawings:  10/2014
                  Code Review:  10/2014
                  Permit Award:  03/2015
                  Construction Start:  03/2015
                  Construction Completion:  01/2016
  • Notes
    1. Final Report. CRT final inspection was 4/14/16. A CUO was issued on 4/19/16.  Record drawings and CDs were delivered on 6/24/16. Final inspection items were repaired 6/30/16.Ten month inspection was on 12/1/16. One blue rug juniper on the west side of the building needs to be replaced, and two cracks in the concrete banding on the exterior patio need repair.  Project will be closed after warranty period.