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Admission Office (Renovation)

  • Undergraduate Admission Office
    Undergraduate Admission Office  The renovated 17,000-square-foot building serves as the starting point for thousands of high school students and their families who visit and tour the William & Mary campus each year.  
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The Office of Undergraduate Admission, is now housed in the "Old Bookstore" on Jamestown Road. The renovation of the building, which was built in 1965, was completed in May of 2007.

  • Cost: $2.8-million
  • Fund Source: Private Funds
  • Renovation GSF: 17,000
  • Start Date: June 2006
  • Finish Date:May 2007
  • Design Team:Glave and Holmes Architects
  • Contractor: SEVAC Corporation
  • Progress: Renovation was completed in May of 2007.


Building Committee

Clay Schreiber, Project Manager
Anna Martin, Vice President, Administration
Martha Sheets, Senior Planner
Earl Granger, Associate Provost, Admissions and Enrollment
Henry Broaddus, Associate Dean, Admissions
Eric Bradley, Chair, Applied Science
Bob Dillman, Associate Vice President, Facilities Management
Dave Shepard, Deputy Director, Facilities Management
Wayne Boy, Associate Director, Facilities Planning, Design & Construction
John Coleman, Campus Police Crime Prevention
Larry Richard, Associate Director, Fire, Health and Safety
Bob Johnson, Fire Safety Officer
John McFarlane, Associate Director, Gardens and Grounds
Don Hensley, Information Technology
Oot Singhaseni, Electrical Engineer