Solo Cup Recycling

Party Sustainably!

Solo Cup Recycling Project
Solo Cup Recycling is an off-shoot of the recycling sub-committee of the Student Environmental Action Coalition. We started this project because the campus recycling company can only recycle #1 and #2 plastics, so all the cups used (which are generally #6 plastics) were going to landfills. We applied for a green fee grant from the Committee on Sustainability, which allowed us to buy supplies such as Solo Cup-shaped trash cans (one for each on-campus fraternity), paper towels, trash bags, and gloves. Once a week, we stop by each fraternity to collect the cups. We then dry them out and ship them to a company called TerraCycle, which has the capacity to recycle #6 plastics. So far we have sent them nearly 2,000 cups!
-Jesse Smyth, Apr.2015
Solo Cup-Shaped Can
Solo cups in the solo cup-shaped can
Ready to be shipped!
Ready to be shipped!
Photo credit: Jesse Smyth