Enhanced College Recycling Program

Effective October 1, 2010

Through additional funding identified by the Office of Finance and Residence Life , and with the support of the Committee on Sustainability, the College will provide enhanced recycling services beginning in August 2010 and phasing in through August and September. The additional services include officeand selected common area pickup in academic and administrative buildings; expanded exterior area collection and pickup; and, common area collection and pickup in the residence hall

This enhanced program will be a significant change of daily operations for the custodial staff; we appreciate your patience in working with us to improve recycling at the College. The initial year will be one of transition as we determine if the overall recycling disposal costs can be funded through current allocations for solid waste and recycling services. If the program is successful we may be able to increase the level of services in the future.

In August and September collection will be phased in as containers and personnel become available; departments and offices may expect pickup to begin occurring once the blue office containers have been provided. We anticipate beginning distribution of containers and pickup during the week of August 16. The following elements are part of the expanded services:

1)    Interior - Academic and Administrative facilities

a)     Desk side blue containers will be distributed to offices in buildings by the Custodial staff; these containers will be emptied by the Custodians twice a week (initial plan is for disposal to be accomplished on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with trash being picked up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). This plan may be modified as experience is gained on actual quantities of each stream are determined.

b)    Office recycling may be mixed recyclables to include paper, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, cans, etc. (see the attached listing for a complete list of acceptable recycling materials).

c)     Larger blue containers will be placed in kitchen areas and on the interior side of building entrances for glass/plastic bottles and cans only. The containers will be labeled appropriately and will be emptied as required by the Custodial staff. Containers will also be placed near copiers for paper waste.

d)     Recycling of significant quantities of cardboard or waste paper (for example, broken down furniture shipping containers) must be either funded by the receiving department through a work order or broken down and taken to a blue dumpster by the department.

2. Exterior

a)     The current ‘blue’ dumpster recycling effort started by the students will be expanded to accommodate the increased recycling flow anticipated with additional dumpsters being placed near existing trash dumpster sites.

b)    Seventeen new blue exterior recycling containers will augment the thirteen previously purchased through the student green fee program; due to funding constraints the total of 30 containers is our limit for this year. These containers will be located next to existing trash containers in high traffic areas; appropriately labeled; and will be serviced by staff provided by Residence life. The exterior recycling containers are for recycling of cans and plastic/glass bottles; paper will not be accepted to minimize contamination of the recycling stream by food waste.

Any recommendations for improvement should be sent to Dan Patterson, dppatt@wm.edu, for academic  and administrative facilities; and, to Chris Durden, mcdurd@wm.edu for residential facilities. Recommendations will be considered but implementation of additional services will be dependent upon staffing and funding availability. If you notice issues concerning the weekly services being provided, please contact Work Control at workor@wm.edu.