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Integrated Waste Management Program

Facilities Management dedicated to sustainability through environmental, social and economic initiatives.  In the spring 2017, William & Mary engaged with the Committee on Sustainability and developed an Integrated Waste Management Plan.  This plan is a part of the University's overall Sustainability Plan focused on Campus planning & culture, academics & engagement, energy & climate and operations.  The Integrated Waste Management Program will build on campus waste baseline metrics, assess the current situation, identify opportunities and establish strategies to achieve the goal of 40% landfill diversion rate by 2023.  The purpose of Sustainable Waste Management is to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed at first place through refuse and reduce, reuse and recycle to save energy in making new products, decreases of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global climate change and to sustain the environment for future generations.  To continue our efforts, we joined William & Mary Sustainability Climate Action Plan Diversion Working Group with various departments and stakeholders.


Current Waste Management Practices

 1)    Residence Life Dorm Buildings

Blue Recycle containers are distributed to students at Residence Life dorm buildings by custodial staff during every fall move-in.  The students empty their own containers at near-by blue 8-yard or 4-yard dumpsters within their dorm areas.

2)  Academic and Administrative Facilities

Desk side blue containers are distributed in the offices in buildings by custodial staff.  These containers will be emptied by the custodians twice a week.  Large blue recycle containers are placed in kitchen areas and printing machine areas.

3)  Commons Dining Hall

W&M Dining Team is dedicated to sustainability.  Commons Dining Hall lead by Sodexo, includes a recycling compactor to use as a recycling tool to get rid of cardboard from shipping and packaging.  This drastically changed the work environment and lowered the disposal cost.

4)  Move-In and Move-Out Day

Building Services sets up additional recycle and trash dumpsters across campus to support Office of Sustainability's Eco-Reps during move-in and move-out day.  Eco-Reps support freshmen move-in day by directing families towards recycling stations and helping to breakdown boxes and appropriate recycling.

5)  Campus Waste Management Metrics

Monitoring and evaluating a waste reduction program is important to establish a consistent set of metrics and identify opportunities to improve sustainability practices.  Look here for monthly updates on Waste Metrics.


Our Commitments and Future Programs

To continue and improve our efforts towards environmental stewardship, every day we work to think and act green for healthier communities and save our planet.  We are working to establish centralized waste management practices to include recycling, compost, construction debris of both exterior and interior areas, operational maintenance and sustainability education programs for faculty, students, and staff.

 Common Area Recycling Program

Spring 2018, we received Green Fee Funds from Committee on Sustainability to improve recycling programs at internal common area buildings.  We are working to setup trash and recycle waste stations at common areas within schools and provide more recycle containers for faculty and students.


Rethink Recycle Educational Programs

Spring 2020, we would like to improve our recycling efforts by emphasizing Employee and Student Engagement Programs to include 4 Lunch & Learns for faculty, students, staff and participate on Earth Day.  Rethink Recycle will soon be recruiting for volunteers in the spring of 2020.


More Sustainable Waste Management Initiatives will be coming soon!

 Any recommendations for improvement should be sent to [[akomati, Anusha Komati]] for sustainable integrated waste & recycling management practices.  Recommendations will be considered but implementation of additional initiatives and services will be dependent upon campus environmental sustainability goals and funding availability.  If you notice issues concerning the weekly service being provided, please contact [[workor, Work Control]].