Rental Rates

The following is the list of the types of equipment and foliage with the associated rental fees.  During peak times equipment is also rented from vendors.  This equipment will be billed at the rate charged per the William and Mary contract.  Please note that these charges are made on a per event basis.

Moving & Storage Rental Charges
Item Cost per Item
------------------------------------ --------------------
Rectangle folding table 29" x 36" x 72" $7.50 each
Round folding table 60" dia. x 30" high $12.50
Folding chair $1.60
Trash cans $3.00
Podium $50.00
Coat Rack $10.00
Acoustic Shell (7 piece) per $50.00
Choir Riser (9 piece) per $38.00
Flag Sets $7.00
Mirror $7.00
Stage 16' x 20' (10 pieces) $100.00
Large Stage 24' x 24' x 24' $150.00
Band Risers (aka Stage pcs, 4 x 8) $10.00

Grounds Department Rental Charges
Item Cost per Item
------------------------------------ ---------------------
Ficus/palm tree $15.00
Ferns $5.00
Decorative container for trees   $3.00

Delivery Note - Customer pickup/return of plant material during winter months is not allowed unless the customer is using an enclosed and heated van.  Low temperatures can damage or destroy the plants.