Moving & Storage

Event Request Procedure

Requests should be made in writing by filling out a Service Request.

The request should include an appropriate banner index number.  For departments that are paying with private funds a bill-head can be created.  Please indicate on your request the name of the person/department responsible for payment.  Unless otherwise noted, the person filling out the request will be held responsible for payment.

Students making requests for service should contact the [[scheduling, Scheduling Office]].  The Scheduling Office will then send a service request to Facilities Maintenance (FM).

Departments may request an estimate for the cost of the required services.  Once an estimate is agreed upon, that will be the charge for the services.

Billing Procedures
  • The current billing rate is $33.23 per man hour and $49.85 per overtime hour.
  • Customers are billed for actual hours worked to the closest 1/2 hour of work.
  • Work required outside the normal workday (7:30am-4:30pm, M-F) will be charged overtime rates on weekdays and weekends.
  • Night time, weekend, or holiday work where personnel report to campus expressly for the purpose of the event will be charged a minimum of three (3) hours at the overtime rate.
  • Hours incurred by personnel held over on a normal work day because of a late breakdown will be charged to the event at the overtime rate.
  • FM will provide rental equipment up to the number in our current inventory.  Larger events are supplied through our contract with local vendors at competitive prices.
  • Discrepancies in billing should be brought to the attention of FM personnel as soon as possible.

Please take the time to review the rental rates.  FM reserves the right to prioritize the work and provide the best mix of personnel to complete the job.  Damaged, stolen, or lost equipment will be billed to the customer or department.  Facilities Management will make every effort to work with the department to make your event a success.