Hampton Roads Sensors Cluster

Hampton Roads has a number of major research assets in the area of materials science, including NASA Langley (NASA’s center of excellence for materials) and the Jefferson Laboratory with its continuous electron beam accelerator facility and the related free electron laser. The Hampton Roads Partnership, the Hampton Roads Research Partnership, the Hampton Roads Technology Council and the Hampton Roads Incubator have all been working together to link companies to the research in the federal laboratories and universities. These efforts support the work of the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance in attracting new companies to the region.

William and Mary has accepted the lead responsibility in linking companies and researchers in the area of sensors under the auspices of the Hampton Roads Research Partnership.  Our Technology and Business Center serves as a business accelerator for the region, particularly in support of the Hampton Roads Incubator and its new branch in James City County.  The Technology and Business Center will have the lead role in coordinating this project.