Overview of Projects, 2010-2014

Between 2010 and 2012 teams in units across campus launched over 70 projects to reduce costs or increase net new revenues with various completion dates depending on their scope and complexity. As of July 1, 2013 the projects were providing over $2.7  million per year in cost savings and net new revenues.

A small group coordinated with campus teams, identified new projects and tracked implementation. The group, led by James R. Golden, then vice president for strategic initiatives, included the following members: Jon E. Krapfl, then associate dean of the Mason School of Business; Bernadette M. Kenney, deputy chief information officer; Michael L. Stump, then director of internal audit; Leonard L. Sledge, then director of economic development; and Lillian K. Stevens, assistant to the vice president of strategic initiatives.

The initiative began in October 2010 when President Reveley launched an effort to encourage innovation and greater efficiency in university processes. The effort sought to:

  1. record gains already made
  2. develop and implement plans for even more efficient processes and new revenue initiatives in each major organization
  3. initiate university-level projects to complement the unit-level plans.

In March 2011 President Reveley received the Business Innovation Project Report (pdf) summarizing the findings and identifying projects that have now been launched.

The report concluded that William & Mary has been highly productive for a very long time, achieving great results with limited resources. The report noted that the pressure to adapt and innovate had increased in the face of substantial cuts in state operational funds.

The Executive Summary (pdf) offered an abstract of the Business Innovation Report. A companion piece to the full report, William & Mary Innovation at Work, summarized university efforts to become even more efficient.