Academic Resources

The following departments and interdisciplinary programs contain curricula related to diverse populations, studies or topics.

American Indian Resource Center

American Studies

Africana Studies

Center for Archaeological Research (WMCAR)

Center for the Study of Inequality

The Center for the Study of Inequality is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the economic and social issues that confront the U.S. in the realm of social justice, while increasing the research capacity of faculty at traditional liberal arts colleges and minority colleges and universities.

Charles Center

The Roy R. Charles Center serves the College community by facilitating the honors and interdisciplinary programs; promoting faculty development, student research and scholarship; and administering the Monroe Scholar Program.

Department of Religion

Department of Sociology

Hispanic Studies Program

Institute for Historical Biology

Sharpe Community Scholars Program

The Sharpe Community Scholars Program extends William & Mary's tradition of service by offering approximately 75 students the opportunity to connect their academic studies with community activism. Beginning originally as a freshman program, it has now expanded to upper-classmen courses and activities, including the Community Scholars House, a special interest living center.

Specific resources include:

ENG 150W: American American Literature and Oral Tradition

Joanne Braxton, Cummings Professor of English

This seminar explores the signifigance of the Middle Passage and other historical African-American contributions which shape literature and oral tradition.

GOVT 150: Race and Inequality in American Politics

Christopher Howard, David D. and Carolyn B. Wakefield Associate Professor of Government

This seminar students will examine ways of addressing racial inequality in the United States through educational and welfare policies. For the past three years, this course has been partnered with local Williamsburg-James City Schools addressing minority underachievement.

HS 150/MDLL 150: Hispanic Studies in the Latino Community

Jonathan Arries, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Sharpe Professor of Civic Renewal

In this seminar, students provide English language tutoriing to Professor Arries's adult ESL Tuesday and Thursday classes. They have also just started working with our partner schools as ESL tutors at Rawls Byrd Elementary School and James Blair Middle School.

SOC150W: Social Perspectives on Community Health

Monica Griffin, Director of Sharpe Community Scholars Program

Students will study sixteen social factors in community health (developed by Fordham Institute for Innovatioin in Social Policy) in order to explore how social communities in the Hampton Roads area create and sustain physical, mental and social well being.

Werowocomoco Research Project

Women's Studies

Special Programming, Teaching and Outreach

The following events or programming are sponsored by an academic department, office or program.

Black Studies and Women's Studies Brownbag Series

Fridays at noon, Morton 314

Middle Passage Project

The Middle Passage Project of the College of William and Mary was founded 1995, and serves to explore the history and memory surrounding the transatlantic slave trade, its resounding effects on Africans in the Americas, and its representation in literature and the humanities.

Hispanic Studies Service-Learning Outreach


Sample Programs

HS 483 "Translation Practicum"

In this course students will work as medical interpreters in an internship on the Eastern Shore. Depending on enrollment, this might be the last time this course if offered due to low enrollment in the last two years.

HS 392 "Topics-Medical Interpretation"

This course will be a 1-credit course with optional 1-credit lab (practicum at an agency).