William & Mary is committed to inclusive excellence. Building on our core value of diversity, we strive to be a place where equity and inclusion are integral parts of all that we do. We work to create a community that is representative of individuals with different backgrounds, talents and skills. We work to ensure that William & Mary is a place where all faculty, staff, students and alumni feel supported and affirmed.

From classroom discussions and study abroad experiences, to equitable and transparent recruitment, hiring and promotion processes, inclusive excellence is our focus. This work is not aligned with a single office, but the shared responsibility of all. We define diversity in its broadest terms and celebrate how this makes William & Mary a better institution.                                                                                                                                                              

Taylor Reveley"In my view, people benefit enormously when they possess cultural dexterity--when they learn to engage differences from themselves with sympathetic understanding and with pleasure in the rich diversity of human experience. The greater the cultural dexterity a person has, the greater his or her capacity to make a difference for the better and to thrive in the 21st century, where living and working amid diversity is the norm.

Engaging our differences with sympathetic understanding is hard work. We don't shrink from it at William & Mary. We want to be, and are, a community that genuinely welcomes people of all backgrounds."

-Taylor Reveley