Student Organization Discipline History

In an effort to provide increased transparency to the community, the university publishes the discipline records of recognized student organizations.

The publication includes all incidents that result in sanctions of Disciplinary Probation or greater, and the outcome remains published for three academic years after issuance or until the sanction is complete, if the sanction takes longer than three years to complete. 

We add records to the list as disciplinary outcomes become final post appeal period, and we remove eligible records within 30 days of the end of each academic semester.

Under each organization's name, the colums detail the Date of the Violation, Sanction, The Violation of the Code, Summary, and Scheduled Record Removal Date.

Pi Kappa Alpha
April 8, 2017 Disciplinary Probation through 10/31/17; education program with Center for Student Diversity; Alcohol education; recommended review of social calendar by VP Programming in Fall 2017; restricted privileges until completion of secondary sanctions Providing Alcohol to Underage Persons The organization hosted an off-campus party at which it had at least three kegs present. Underage students were provided alcohol at the event. End of Fall 2020
September 7, 2017 Disciplinary Probation with Loss of Privileges and Loss of Privilege to Reside in on fraternity housing. Failure to Comply with Directions (failure to satisfactorily complete a sanction) As a result of the previous incident, the organization was required to hold a training with its members regarding cultural sensitivity. During that training, some members were disruptive to the presenter, and at least one member walked out of the training. End of Fall 2020
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
August 25, 2015 Disciplinary Probation through end of Spring 2015 semester; presentation with member of the Hazing Prevention Coalition; alcohol education; review of current practices & chapter education program Hazing, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s)

As part of a "Clue Week" program, members hosted events in which the new members obtained and consumed alcohol while watching movies and/or playing video games.

New members also participated in a scavenger hunt in which they were encouraged to perform menial or degrading tasks.

End of Fall 2018
Club Sailing
April 29, 2016 Disciplinary Probation with Loss of Privileges through 3/31/17 followed by Disciplinary Probation; evaluation of risk management practices; apology; letter to new members outlining what they can expect two planned activities; development of an anti-hazing program for club sports Endangering Health/Safety, Participating in Drinking Games/Possession of Paraphernalia, Hazing, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s) Several senior team members sent an email to the new members directing them to be present the following night at an off campus house and to memorize a song. Upon arrival, the new members were separated and subject to a number of hazing practices including drinking beer, being required to eat certain food items, being told to perform certain exercises, being asked personal questions, and participating in a "beer relay." End of Spring 2020
Beta Theta Pi
January 22, 2016 Disciplinary Probation through end of the Fall 2016 semester; Loss of Social Privileges through 9/23/16; Risk management consultation & follow up meetings; loss of privilege to participate in intramural sports through end of Fall 2016 Hosting Unregistered Event, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s) Organization hosted an event in their on-campus house in which members provided alcohol in their rooms to guests.  An underage student became intoxicated, and the members actively assisted her to get home. End of Spring 2019
March 18, 2016 Disciplinary Probation through April 1, 2016; Loss of Social Privileges for one month; social event planning workshop; revision of chapter agreement Participating in Drinking Games/Possession of Paraphernalia, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s) Organization hosted an event off campus at which hard liquor was provided and unregulated. Drinking games also were played at the party, and underage students obtained alcohol there. End of Spring 2019
Alpha Epsilon Pi
December 11, 2015 Disciplinary Probation through end of Spring 2016 semester; Alcohol Consultation Hosting Unregistered Event, Participating in Drinking Games/Possession of Paraphernalia, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s), Violation of Residence Life Policies Organization hosted an event at its on-campus residence in which it provided open common-source alcohol, a beer pong table was set up, and the facility was far over occupancy with students of varying ages. End of Spring 2019
Queen's Guard/Society of Pershing Rifles
November 9, 2014 Disciplinary Probation through 2/2/15; Identify and retain a faculty advisor; review of bylaws and practices; development and approval of membership transition plan Hazing, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s) Organization required its members to participate in significant physical activity from 8 pm - midnight. The underage new members then proceeded to an off campus house where they were provided alcohol. Spring 2018
Men's Rugby Team
Various during Fall 2014 Probation through end of Spring 2016 semester; Loss of Privileges to Participate in Club Activities through 3/13/15; Prohibition on hosting after-game parties through end of Fall 2015 semester Infringing on Rights of Others, Underage Possession of Alcohol, Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s), Hosting Unregistered Events with Alcohol Team members were found to have given new members nicknames, some of which were unwelcome by the new members. The team also was found to host unregistered events involving alcohol. End of Spring 2018
Sigma Iota Alpha
August 28, 2015 Disciplinary Probation through end of Spring 2016; development & approval of membership transition plan; consultation with advisor at national convention; letter of apology Hazing Members provided new members with written rules, some of which violated W&M's hazing policy. Practices included limiting with whom the members could associate, restrictions on clothing, limiting freedom of motion, and conducting late night meetings in which members were subjected to conduct some found humiliating. End of Fall 2018
Various Suspension through at least the end of the Spring 2018 semester Hazing Restrictions placed on new members including not speaking with anyone outside of organization, restricted clothing, not speaking to men, & having to eat in synchronicity with the other new members. End of Spring 2021 or until sanction is complete, if sanction is not completed by then.
Sigma Pi
April 3, 2016 Disciplinary Probation through end of Fall 2016 semester; loss of social privileges through Fall break 2016; submit addresses of off campus members and alumni; develop alcohol consultation & plan; host one properly-registered event Providing Alcohol to Underage Person(s), Containers of Alcohol in Excess of Limit, Failure to Comply with Written Instructions Organization had registered a social event as non-alcoholic when in fact the organization was providing alcohol from an open source container. An underage student consumed alcohol at the party and was injured after falling.  Around the same time, the organization held a formal in Va. Beach at which alumni came and smoked marijuana in the hotel (incidents were resolved in a consolidated resolution). End of Spring 2019
Delta Phi
September 15, 2016 Disciplinary Probation through end of Spring 2018 semester; loss of social privileges through end of Spring 2017 semester; develop & implement a new member plan overseen for the next four new member classes; cessation of new member education process for the class affected; consult with hazing expert and develop a contract; obtain local chapter advisor; present to IFC Hosting Unregistered Event with Alcohol, Hazing, Providing or Selling Alcohol to Underage Person(s) On bid day, new members 

were met by brothers and taken to various locations; at many of these locations, brothers provided dinner and alcohol.

On bid signing day, the organization invited the new members to the house and provided them with alcohol and went on a brief run.

Later the chapter hosted 

a party at its on-campus residence at which it served beer and alcoholic punch. 

The new members also were required to engage in at least one "call out" in which new members were required to assemble and engage in physical exercise, at times early in the morning.

Finally, the new members were required to engage in various tasks to earn the brothers' signatures including menial tasks and, in some cases, consuming alcohol.
Kappa Delta Rho
August 30, 2017 Disciplinary Probation through 2/15/18; Loss of Social Privileges; Alcohol Education Hosting an Unregistered Event Involving Alcohol, Underage Possession/Consumption of Alcohol, Violation of Residence Life Policies Regarding Alcohol WMPD addressed an unregistered event at its on-campus house. WMPD observed party in progress and open alcohol containers in the hallway. WMPD also observed that lights were covered. End of Spring 2021