The Right to Appeal

All students found in violation of the Honor Code or the Code of Conduct are entitled to appeal. Appeals are limited to specific grounds as specified in the Student Handbook. Regardless of the type of case, a student may always appeal the sanction(s) imposed.

Appeals of Violations of the Student Code of Conduct

Students who resolve their case via Administrative Resolution are limited to appealing the sanction(s) imposed.  Students who request formal hearings may appeal on the basis of procedural irregularity, discrimination in the hearing, lack of a preponderance of evidence, excessive or inappropriate sanction, or newly discovered material evidence unknown at the time of the hearing.

Appeals of Violations of the Honor Code

Students found responsible for an honor violation may appeal the outcome on the grounds outlined in Section XII of the Honor Code.  Appeals are due within five five business days of written notification by the Dean of Students Office of the outcome of the hearing. Appeals are reviewed by the Appeals Committee through the Vice President for Student Affairs and, if the committee finds possible merit in the appeal, by the Provost who makes the final decision.