Student Conduct Hearing Procedures

Conduct of the Hearing

The conduct of the hearing is the responsibility of the chair and generally proceeds as follows:

  • The chair introduces the members of the Board and summarizes any special situations pertinent to the case or the hearing.
  • The case administrator will brief the Board on the charges and the nature of the case. The charged party will be asked to accept responsibility or deny responsibility for each charge and will be given the opportunity to make an opening statement.
  • The case administrator will introduce the evidence and question the relevant witnesses present.
  • Following the questioning of each witness, the Board and then the charged party will be invited to question the witness.
  • The charged party may then testify, introduce evidence, and present and question witnesses. The chair may inquire regarding the relevance of proposed testimony and may limit the number of witnesses permitted if the chair deems the proposed testimony irrelevant or redundant.
  • The student may then be questioned by the Board and the case administrator. Witnesses presented may be questioned by the Board and by the case administrator.
  • At the conclusion of this presentation of evidence, the case administrator and the charged party will be given an opportunity to present summary remarks to the Board.
  • The Board then will convene in closed session to deliberate regarding a judgment on each charge.
Sanctions Hearing

Following the finding of responsibility on at least one charge, the Board will, time permitted, move immediately into a Sanctions hearing:

  • The Board may question the student regarding the facts and circumstances of the offense and any relevant factors that may have affected the student at the time of the offense.
  • The student may introduce character witnesses; the chair may limit the number of character witnesses (generally a maximum of two character witnesses are permitted).
  • The Board then will convene in private to determine the appropriate sanction(s) (time permitting).