The Right to Appeal

All students found in violation of the Honor Code or the Code of Conduct are entitled to appeal. Appeals are limited to specific grounds as specified in the Student Handbook. Regardless of the type of case, a student may always appeal the sanction(s) imposed. Students who resolve their discipline case via an Administrative Resolution are limited to appealing the sanction(s) imposed. Students who request formal hearings may appeal on the basis of procedural irregularity, discrimination in the hearing, lack of clear and convincing evidence, excessive or inappropriate sanction, or newly discovered material evidence unknown at the time of the hearing.

The Appeals Process

Students who wish to appeal may do so within five business days of notification of the outcome of their hearing. Appeals may be based on one or more the grounds specified in the Handbook. Appeals of cases resulting in a sanction of less than suspension are reviewed by the Dean of Students or designee (109 Campus Center). Appeals of suspension or dismissal are filed with the Vice President for Student Affairs in the care of the Office of Student Conduct (109 Campus Center) and are reviewed by the Appellate Review Committee.

All Appeals submitted for review must be accompanied by an Appeals Form (PDF).