How to Book the Watson Lab

Watson Lab Testing

The Watson lab is reserved for registered SAS students with approved testing accommodations to take their exam in a quiet environment. We are located in Campus Center 110A. A soundproof booth is also available for those who require a completely noise free environment. The Watson lab can be booked through the online portal (see instructions here).

Students Responsibilities

Note: If the below listed conditions are not met by the student, Student Accessibility Services reserves the right to revoke/ deny your testing accommodations.

  • Students must book the Watson Lab no later than 48 hours in advance through our online portal

  • Students must notify their professors at least 5 days in advance about using their testing accommodations

    • If a test has to be taken at a time that is different from class time, it must be approved by the professor before the lab is booked

  • Professors should email the exam to  or deliver it to Campus Center 109 at least one hour prior to the scheduled exam

  • Faculty receive reminder emails about this at least one day in advance

  • Professors should notify SAS on how they would like the exam returned to them when they send us the exam. We can either

    • Scan and email the exam

    • Have it delivered to a mailbox on campus

    • Or professors may come pick it up in Campus Center 109

  • Note: the responsibility to contact the professor and to book the Watson lab lies solely with the student. Professors should not book the Watson lab on their student’s behalf unless there are extenuating circumstances.


F: I do not have a test-taking tab on my accommodate account. What should I do?

               A: First, do you have an approved accommodation for test taking? This tab will not be available if you have not been approved. Please contact  for assistance.

F: I am trying to book the lab but it says there are no spots available. What should I do?

               A: If it is past the 48 hour mark, Accommodate will not let you book the exam (even if it is only 10 minutes past the cut off). Please contact  for assistance.

F: I just received notification about an exam but the student has not been in touch with me about the exam?

               A: If this happens, please notify us as soon as possible via . Students must notify their professors at least 5 days in advance. If they fail to do so, SAS reserves the right to revoke/ deny/ suspend the test taking accommodation.

F: My student has extended test time and I would prefer to proctor them myself. Is this possible?

               A: If professors would like to proctor the student, that is completely fine. The Watson lab is merely available for those professors who do not have space or time available.