SAS Tribe Rides

William & Mary’s SAS Tribe Rides program subsidizes student transportation to and from off-campus appointments (physical therapy, mental health apt, etc.) when students registered with Student Accessibility Services and their families are unable to do so. The College encourages students for whom transportation and its associated costs limit access to health care to apply to receive a subsidy for costs of rides with a private taxi service. An application review process is required. Students sign up for the service through the William & Mary Student Accessibility Services office. Application review may take up to two weeks and vouchers need to be in hand at least 24 hours prior to your off-campus appointment. Students must demonstrate a financial need in order to be eligible. As each SAS Tribe Rides Voucher will be valid for only one office visit (one round trip) the student will need to provide the Student Accessibility Services staff with an appointment card for each additional voucher.

To apply, review the policies and procedures and the application. Print both forms, complete them and drop them off at the Dean of Students Main Office (Campus Center 109).

Student Responsibilities:

Students must request a voucher at least 48 hours in advance of their appointment date

Students must pick up their voucher in Campus Center 109 in a timely manner

Students must call the taxi service at least 24 hours in advance of their appointment date

Students must hand in their appointment card as proof of their appointment in order to receive their voucher