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How to Book a Test in Watson Lab


  1. You MUST contact your Professor at least FIVE (5) class days prior to the exam to make arrangements for alternative testing space.
  2. You MUST make your appointment to take a test AT LEAST 72 HOURS before you plan to take the exam.
  3. If you plan to take your exam at a different start time or date from your class schedule, you MUST get approval from your professor.

NOTE: Appointment times cannot be scheduled outside of Watson Center hours. For example, if your exam will take 2 hours, the last possible time you can schedule your exam is 3:00 PM. Further, this is NOT an excused absence, so do not schedule an exam that will overlap into another course on your schedule or make you late to another class.

You must be registered for test accommodations through SAS to even the option of “Testing Room” on your Accommodate page. If you are not registered for test accommodations but would like to be considered for this accommodation, please contact us at or (757) 221-2512 to make an appointment to review your request.

STEP 1: Log in through the CAS portal.

Once you get through the CAS portal (by entering your W&M userID and password), you will see the Accommodate home page, with green tabs at the top of your screen. 

STEP 2: On the left side, you will see an option that says “Testing Room.” If you do not see this option, that means you are not currently registered for testing accommodations and need to contact SAS in order to review your accommodations.

Navigate to the “Testing Room” option to schedule your test in the Watson Lab.


STEP 3: You will now see the Testing Room home screen.

Navigate to “New Booking Request” on the bottom left of your screen.


STEP 4: First, choose the course for which you would like to book a test in the Watson Lab from the drop-down menu.


Next, select the date you would like to take the exam. You are able to indicate a range of dates. If you would like to take the test on a specific day, select that date on both calendars. Note: If you are attempting to schedule an exam within 72 hours, available bookings will not appear as bookings need to be made more than 72 hours in advance. 


Use the drop-down menus to indicate the time range in which you would like to take the test.


Next, choose “Campus Center” from the building drop-down menu.

Click "Refine Results" at the bottom of the page.

This will populate the right side of the screen with available appointments during that time period.


Note: During final exams, you may not be able to make a testing appointment in Campus Center. At these times, an alternative testing site will be available as an option in the building drop-down menu. If no appointments are available in Sadler Center, please schedule an appointment at the alternate testing site.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to take your exam in the soundproof booth, you must schedule your test in the soundproof booth.

If you need to use one of the computers available in the Watson Center, make sure to schedule your exam at Desk 1, 2, or 3.


STEP 5: You should now see available appointments meeting your criteria on the right side of the screen. Choose which appointment you would like to book by selecting the desk at which you would like to take your exam. 

Note: Make sure the appointment you are booking has the correct day, time, and desk listed.

STEP 6: Once you choose which appointment you would like, another box will appear on the screen.


Here, you will be required to enter your Professor’s name and the exam you are taking (please be specific, if you are taking 4 chemistry classes, and indicate you are taking a chemistry exam; otherwise, it is unclear in which class you will be taking an exam).

Then, indicate the amount of time your test will take INCLUDING any extended time you receive. Examples: 

  • If the test is being taken during a 50 minute class period and you receive 25% extended time, indicate the length of your exam is 70 minutes (Note: the actual amount of time you will have is 62.5 minutes, but this is not an available option on Accommodate. Please round up to 70 minutes to ensure you have enough time to complete your own exam).
    • If you receive 50% extended time, indicate the length of your exam is 75 minutes, 
    • If you receive 100% extended time, indicate the length of your exam is 100 minutes
  • If the test is being taken during an 80 minute class period and you receive 25% extended time, indicate the length of your exam is 100 minutes,
    • If you receive 50% extended time, indicate the length of your exam is 120 minutes, and
    • If you receive 100% extended time, indicate the length of your exam is 160 minutes.

Please enter which accommodations you will be using for this test. It is IMPORTANT to include (1) if you need a scantron substitute (i.e, your accommodations are to avoid use of Scantron for response selection), (2) if you will be using a Watson computer, or (3) if you will be using a personal computer for your test.

Next, provide the date and time that the professor is giving the exam in class. 

Lastly, confirm that you have discussed your testing arrangements with your professor.

STEP 7: Submit your request. The SAS office receives this request on their end of the Accommodate system.


STEP 8: When arriving for your exam, check-in at Sadler Center 181. You must store belongings including cell phones (unless otherwise stated as part of your accommodations) and personal items not needed for the test in a designated area of the testing center. These can be retrieved once you have completed the exam.