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Air Conditioning Requests

Requesting Air Conditioning as a Disability Accommodation

 A request for air conditioning is a request for an accommodation due to a diagnosed disability that can be processed only through Student Accessibility Services (SAS). If approved, depending on individual need, the university either will assign you to a chilled air residence hall or the university will provide and install a window unit at no cost to you. You are permitted to bring an air purifier for your room if needed. 

In order for SAS to review your accommodation request, you must complete the following steps:  

  1. Register online through the self-registration process.                                                   
  2. Complete the Provider Form with your Health Care Provider. Please be aware that SAS may seek additional information from you and/or your health care provider in order to make a fully informed decision about your accommodation request. We also accept psychoeducational and neurological evaluation reports if relevant. 
  3. It is important to provide thorough documentation so that SAS can make an informed assessment. Depending on the nature of your disability, you will be asked for information and documentation from up to the last five visits. Information from the last five visits may or may not be necessary or applicable. Please complete the form to the best of your ability. Your health care provider also may write a letter or provide any other documentation in support of your accommodation request, though this is not required, nor does it guarantee a particular outcome. Regardless of whether your health care provider writes a letter or provides other documentation, they must complete the Provider Form
  4. SAS staff will schedule an appointment with you to review your official documentation as well as to discuss and finalize your appropriate accommodation(s).

    Reasonable and appropriate accommodation is often determined through a flexible, interactive process involving the student and SAS staff. Final responsibility for selection of the most appropriate accommodation rests with the university. Early consultation regarding accommodation is essential whenever questions of compliance and/or funding for accommodation are involved. Late requests will be honored to the best of our ability, but could result in delay, substitution, or inability to complete.