Celebrity Quiz

Read the following vignettes and match each to the personalities listed below:

a. Albert Einstein                               f. Tom Cruise                     j. Cher

b. Winston Churchill                        g. George Patton               k. Nelson Rockefeller

c. F. W. Woolworth                           h. Bruce Jenner                 l. Woodrow Wilson

d. Thomas Edison                             i. Walt Disney                     m. Hans Christian Anderson

e. Agatha Christie


1. ___ As a lad of nine, he did not know the letters of the alphabet.  He finally learned to read at age 11.  He was thought to be "dull and backward."  He entered Davidson College but withdrew because of illness.  Later, he went to Princeton, but his grades were mediocre.  Yet he eventually became President of the United States.

2. ___ This famous singer and movie star has a math disability.  Not only can she not remember phone numbers, she says she is incapable of balancing her checkbook.  yet, that checking account is very full as a result of her success in the entertainment field.

3. ___ His head was very large at birth.  His  mother did not agree with those who said that the child was abnormal.  He was sent to school, but thought by the teacher to be mentally ill.  His mother withdrew him from school and taught him herself.  She must have done a decent job, because he went on to create the electric light bulb and the phonograph.

4. ___ As a child he was labeled slow.  He clerked in a village grocery store.  He suggested putting slow-moving merchandise on a counter and selling it for five cents.  This venture was so successful that it was continued with new goods.  He became the principal founder of a chain of five-and-ten cent stores.

5. ___ When he was 12 years old, he could not read, and he remained deficient in reading all his life.  However, he could memorize entire lectures -- which was how he got through school.  He became a famous general during World War II.

6. ___ Another child who was slow in school work and did not have a successful school experience, this man later became a well-known movie producer and cartoonist.

7. ___This noted Englishman had much difficulty in school.  He later became a national leader and Prime Minister.

8. ___This young boy had much difficulty reading and throughout his life was unable to read well.  However, he was Governor of the state of New York for four terms and later won Congressional approval to be appointed Vice President of the United States.

9. ___ This boy had difficulty reading but he was able to write some of the world's best loved stories.

10. ___This boy could not talk until age four.  He did not learn to read until he was nine.  His teachers considered him to be metnally slow, unsociable, and a dreamer.  He failed the entrance examinations to college, but finally passed them after an additional year of preparation.  He lost three teaching positions and eventually became a patent clerk.  He ultimately developed the theory of relativity.

11. ___ He was a Decathlon winner in the 1976 Olympics.  He had difficulty reading and with other school subjects, and was diagnosed with Dyslexia at a young age.

12. ___He is a currently famous movie star.  He has been diagnosed as dyslexic and learns his lines by listening to a tape.  His movies include "Risky Business," "Top Gun," and "The Color of Money."

13. ___This famous woman was a prolific writer of mystery stories and novels.  None of her manuscripts are available in her own handwriting -- her learning disability prohibited her from being able to write fluently and so from the time she began her career, she dictated all her material to a secretary/transcriptionist.







1.  a,   2. j,   3. d,   4. c,   5. g,   6. i,   7. b,   8. k,   9. m,   10. a,   11. h,   12. f,   13.e

Adapted from the Disability Awareness In-Service Facilitator Packet.