Health, Wellness, & Student Care

Provides after-hours and weekend counseling support for students who call the W&M Counseling Center with mental health concerns or issues. Staffed by qualified practitioners, ProtoCall allows us to respond quickly to students' mental health needs when the Counseling Center is closed.
Silver Cloud 
Online educational and therapeutic modules to address stress management, anxiety
and depression.
Kognito At-Risk
Online training for students, faculty and staff to teach them about mental health issues and suicide prevention.
Campus Connect
Gatekeeper training for suicide prevention, mental health awareness, and bystander intervention. Intended to complement Kognito At-Risk.
Transportation service to support W&M students who must travel to and from campus for mental health appointments.
A digital learning platform that teaches students through a variety of modules
about both sexual assault prevention and alcohol.
Wellness Initiative Incentive Programs 
These funds will help incentivize student involvement in health & wellness programs by offering prizes for participation, including Fit Bits, a bike, and coupons for wellness treatment services.
Trauma Support Training & Resources 
Funding supports The Haven volunteer training so that peer confidential advocates have the knowledge and resources to provide crisis support and assistance to The Haven visitors.
Dean of Students Office / New Leafe Clinic Partnership
William & Mary is in a unique cooperative partnership with the School of Education's Addictions Counseling program to provide students referred for alcohol or other substance-related conduct to receive in-person counseling by Masters and Doctoral-level students using the Motivational Interviewing technique, a research-based approach to engage students in behavior change.
Healthful Living FYIs
As part of Healthy Campus 2020 efforts, these FYI sessions support the development of healthy life and decision-making skills while reinforcing the importance of individual choices within the greater community.
Eating Disorder Awareness
Eating disorders have been steadily on the rise among college-aged students and have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Funds will help increase awareness and education about eating disorders through a variety of speakers, programs, and resources.
Community Provider Networking 
This program helps connect mental health providers from the William & Mary community with the local Mental Health Services Coordinator.
Student Counseling Co-Payments 
Provides financial support for counseling sought by students who are separated from their parents because of domestic violence.