Academic Enrichment and Faculty-Student Engagement

Academic First-Year Initiatives
Opportunities for students and faculty to build relationships to increase student persistence and a sense of purpose.
Co-Curricular Activities
Funds are used to support academic co-curricular activities such as student presentations at conferences and student work with faculty on research projects.
Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fair
Funds are used to showcase the research undertaken by students in the Humanities and Social Sciences.
Learning Partner Travel
A faculty of staff member must accompany alternative break trips to Kenya and Haiti. Faculty/staff involvement improves the quality of the alternative break program and gives learning opportunities to students. These funds will offset travel costs for the faculty/staff learning partners.
Student Accessibility Services Academic Coaching
Coaching provided for any student registered with Student Accessibility Services (including, but not limited to, students who identify as "neurodiverse") who are in need of time management and academic coaching.
Tribe TutorZoneEquipment and Furniture
Tribe TutorZone usage has increased by nearly 50% in the past two years (there were over 2,000 tutoring appointments last year). The new equipment and furniture will allow for much needed additional seating, the ability to redirect or buffer sound, and offer more privacy in tutoring sessions.
Tribe TutorZone Recording
To ensure the Tribe TutorZone is accessible to all students, the funding supplements in-person tutoring with a need-based on-line option and audio-visual recording of the session.
Undergraduate Summer Research
Funds are used to support three summer research stipends in the Humanities and Social Sciences.