William & Mary

Cohen Career Center Business Expansion

The advancement of its students has always been the primary goal of the College of William and Mary. It’s obvious, reflected in the many support services that College provides its students on a daily basis – ranging anywhere from academic consulting to personal counseling, and most prominently – professional career advising.

Leading the way in the professional career advising field is the Cohen Career Center, William and Mary’s central hub for all things careers. William and Mary is one of the few universities in the country to have its own stand alone career center. The Cohen Career Center works year round to provide career advancement programming for its students – with events such as resume workshops, career and internship fairs, and networking opportunities of all sorts, just to name a few.

Recently, the Cohen Career Center expanded these student support services, adding new, specialized personnel and resources with the ultimate goal of helping those William and Mary students who are interested in careers in business.

The new expansion of the Cohen Career Center includes, primarily, the addition of new staff and positions centered on specific areas of industry. Six new professionals have joined Cohen over the course of the last year, all with the intent of expanding business career support services.

Leading the team as Director of Business Careers and Employer Development is Mike Caldwell. Caldwell is joined by Chiquita Geldorp, Assistant Director for Business Careers – Marketing; Briana Legerlotz, Graduate Assistant for Business Careers; Virginia Damron, Assistant Director of Business Careers – Accounting and Finance; Cristen McQuillan, Recruitment Manager; and Sean Schofield, Assistant Director of Internships.

“Beyond the existing (and extensive) recruiting, advising, and programmatic services, we hope to add a number of new employer connections for all students, across all majors who are interested in marketing, analytics, finance, and accounting,” Caldwell said. “We've had over 125 employers on-campus just within the past month! Looking forward, we have a media/marketing panel on-the-radar and a potential Business Analytics meetup in development.”

Though the new additions to the Career Center may be primarily focused on the advancement of students interested in business, students interested in other fields can also benefit from the expansion.

“Our entire Cohen Career Center team is dedicated to the support of all undergraduate students across all majors, along with graduate students,” Caldwell said. “We are student-centered, first and foremost! With a full team to support students across all majors and career interests, we can increase our capacity to serve more students and increase engagement with employers – small, large, startup, established, private, public, for-profit, non-profit, and government.”

The new additions are in alignment with Cohen’s primary mission and objective – the advancement of William and Mary students.

“William & Mary has long had a strong reputation for career programs,” Caldwell said. “In my short time here so far, I have noted a very genuine investment in student success across our campus. It is great to be part of a campus community that values both initial and long-term student success.”

It certainly is an exciting time to be a student at the College of William and Mary. No matter what field, no matter what path, the College has committed its resources to helping students achieve a rewarding and fulfilling career doing what they love.