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Saturday, September 26

All times listed are EST.

Featured Faculty Lecture Series

The series will premiere here at 10:00 a.m. Experience a selection of presentations from nationally recognized faculty across a variety of disciplines. Experience life at W&M through the eyes of your student and enjoy a 30-minute presentation ranging from the arts to the sciences. Come for one, come for them all. 

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10:00 AM - Your Child's Brain on College in an Unusual Time: How Nature and Nurture Collaborate to Develop Thinkers 

Dean Donoghue Velleca

Brand new Dean of Arts & Sciences, Maria Donoghue Velleca, is a developmental neuroscientist, who has spent her scholarly career identifying the molecules that help the brain develop properly, allowing the formation of neural connections early in life that promote good function into maturity and aging. This lecture will focus on how the brain changes during learning and how normal maturation processes intersect with environmental forces, such as learning in a college setting and stress associated with world situations, such as a pandemic. Overall, this lecture will provide context for the W&M college experience in this unusual time.


10:30 AM - Racial & Social Justice at William & Mary  

Dr. Vivian Hamilton

We are harnessing the talents and energy of William & Mary faculty and students to create the William & Mary Center for Racial & Social Justice. Dr. Vivian Hamilton will be the Center's inaugural director and will share the vision for the Center, and talk about some of the programs and projects that are underway.


11:00 AM - Polarization, Participation and Pandemic: The Shaping of the 2020 Election

Dr. John McGlennon

This lecture will focus on three factors that are driving the 2020 Presidential election: the sharp cleavages among voters on issues, candidates and even facts; the levels of interest and participation in the election, and the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on the campaign.


11:30 AM - Vaccination, Herd Immunity and COVID-19 

Dr. Iyabo Obasanjo

A description of what vaccination and herd immunity is and how each issue relates to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Obasanjo will use data and information from research on an abstract being presented for the American Public Health Association meeting in November to highlight aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


12:00 PM - COVID-19 and the US Healthcare System

Dr. Jen Mellor

This talk will review findings from the research literature on the impacts of COVID-19 on the US healthcare system. What do emerging findings tell us about the impacts on COVID-19 on healthcare providers? On payers, including private insurers and public programs? On patients? How does COVID-19 intersect with the existing challenges in the US healthcare system, and how can public policies address these impacts?


12:30 PM - Cactus 1549 and Entrepreneurial Thinking

Graham Henshaw

This lecture will use the story of US Airways flight 1549, the miracle on the Hudson, to highlight the principles and versatility of entrepreneurial thinking.


1:00 PM - Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Radical Gayness in Liberal America

Dr. Jay Watkins

Despite progress for LGBTQ+ people, the boundaries of acceptable queerness remain narrow. This talk explores some of the ways that queer Americans have formed and enacted identities in this culture to show how we might reclaim a radical gay politics to help our students navigate the challenges of contemporary America.


1:30 PM - Trump and Biden Agree! Face -to-Face Diplomacy

Dr. Marcus Holmes


Study Abroad Fair
11:00 a.m. - Join Live

Explore William & Mary's summer, semester, winter, and embedded study abroad program options! Examine third-party provider programs. Learn more about the over $500,000 in study abroad scholarships available to W&M students and hear how you can use your current financial aid to study abroad.  

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Family Mindfulness
1:00 p.m. - Join Live

Join in with the whole family to learn simple mindfulness practices in which everyone can share together. Curiosity is the only requirement!

Martha Rouleau is a dedicated mindfulness mediation practitioner and a passionate about teaching mindfulness meditation to all populations. Martha has trained with international meditation teachers for over 16 years. Her status as a Qualified Mindfulness-Based Meditation teacher and 200 hour certified yoga teacher are the roots of her dedication to bring compassionate support through mindfulness skill development. She takes great pride in being an Adjunct Lecturer at William & Mary teaching Mindfulness Meditation supporting young adults and university staff with finding clarity, focus, presence, and ease in their lives.  

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Career Pathways Conversation & Networking Hour
*Registration Required
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3:00 p.m. - Register to Join Live

Join the W&M parent & family community for a conversation on the current career market and implementation of the university-wide Career Pathways Team moderated by Michael Steelman with career experts Kathleen PowellBrett Alpert and Mike Ende. Afterward, grow your W&M network by connecting one-on-one via text chat with fellow attendees.

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Lantern Tour of Historic Campus
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7:00 p.m. - Join Live

This annual Family Weekend tradition is re-imagined as a breathtaking virtual tour. Join us as we are led through the Wren Building and across Historic Campus by members of the Spotswood Society. The tour will take place under the glow of lantern light. Have your headphones ready for the best virtual tour experience. 


Additional Activities
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AMP / Family Weekend TikTok Giveaway

Alma Mater Productions' Directors invite you all to join our special Family Weekend TikTok giveaway where one lucky winning family will leave with a brand-new Amazon Echo Show 5!

To enter our giveaway, students must record a TikTok dance with their parents/family units/friends and upload it using the hashtag #AMPTok Giveaway. We will randomly select one lucky winner for the prize! See the rest of the rules on the AMP Facebook page!

Virtual FitWell Classes

Campus Recreation provides Fitness and Wellness (FitWell) classes, which are one-time offerings, led by student and non-student instructors at W&M. FitWell classes include exercise classes, such as yoga, strength training at home, or HIIT, to meditation, art therapy, or tips on sleep and nutrition. 

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W&M Ring Sales

Speak with Jostens representatives about options and ordering information for W&M rings. Students should purchase their ring in the fall in order to participate in the spring W&M Ring Ceremony.

Make an Appointment

Please reach out to our team at if you need any accommodations for hearing impairments for any of our live events. Live events will also be recorded and posted here for on-demand, captioned viewing after the event.