At-Risk: Friends in College

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Enrollment Key for Faculty & Staff: wm595 

Enrollment Key for Students: wm757

Dear William & Mary Community,

Have you ever had a friend who was struggling or overwhelmed? Have you wanted to talk to someone dealing with a problem, and weren’t sure how?

Most college students say they would turn to their friends for support during times of stress, overwhelming anxiety or depression. There may also come a time when you feel the urge to talk to a friend about such issues. For many college students - and for faculty and staff as well, these are not easy topics to discuss. 

Thank you very much for your interest in completing Kognito At-Risk training modules. The programs can be completed online via the provided link. This program helps members of the Tribe identify specific symptoms and signs of psychological distress. In the course, you will engage in simulated conversations with avatars, making this interactive environment a highly realistic role-play game experience. Participation takes 30 minutes or so per module, and can be completed over multiple sittings. As you continue through the training program, you will learn various methods in how to approach fellow students and peers who are in distress, motivate them to seek help, and if necessary, be able to provide information for the College of William & Mary’s Counseling Center.

There may be some personal discomfort with questions in the pre-test, post-test, and follow-up survey. Your participation is completely confidential and is 100% voluntary. To log in to the program and to allow for tracking the progress of the program and provide incentives for completion of the program, you will need to create an account using your name and W&M email address prior to starting the program. You will also need to input the William & Mary specific enrollment key when creating your account; this is based on your status as faculty, staff, or student. However, your name or e-mail addresses will never be associated with your responses, either from the College of William & Mary or the developer of this training program. Thus, your answers to the surveys and your choices that you make during the program will not be connected to your name and email address. You may answer only some questions and participation may be discontinued at any time.

The data that we collect and may publish in the future will be in aggregate form. The developer of this program, Kognitio, will also be collecting the aggregate data obtained from participation in this program. The use of use aggregate data in data analysis means that your name and other identifying information will remain confidential as it relates to your responses. Even though the data will be stored in an online database, data transmission is encrypted and firewall securities are in place. 

By linking to the survey web site you are acknowledging that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to participate in the At-Risk.

If you wish to receive survey results, you may contact the Office of Health Promotionat 757.221.3229 or by email,

Should you have questions about potential research which may be published from this data, you can contact the Co-Principal Investigator, Sarah Menefee, at 757.221.2195.

Thank you for your cooperation

The College of William & Mary Office of Health Promotion

In collaboration with Kognito Interactive