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Motor Vehicles

Possession and Use of Motorized Vehicles

Students may not have motor vehicles on campus unless they are eligible to register them as follows:

1.  The student does not reside in university-administered housing, OR

2.  The student has completed 54 semester hours and has completed at least four regular (fall and spring) semesters, OR

3.  The student is a classified or hourly employee of the university, is registered for fewer than five credit hours, and is paid from the Student Work Budget, OR

4.  The student, although otherwise ineligible, has obtained special permission (designated as “restricted permission”) through the Parking Appeals Committee. Forms are available at Parking Services. Students with disabilities also may obtain the forms in the Office of the Dean of Students. The university may grant permission upon demonstration that a vehicle is indispensable for employment and for continuance at the university, is necessary to reasonably accommodate a disability, or for other essential university-related needs.

Students who bring a motor vehicle to campus without prior permission in anticipation of receiving that permission, are in violation of this regulation.

Students who would be eligible for a motor vehicle under this regulation may not register a motor vehicle for another student who would not be eligible.

The sanction for a first violation of the motor vehicle regulation ranges from warning to suspension for one semester and, for a subsequent violation, shall range from warning to dismissal.

Students are required to register all eligible motor vehicles operated on the campus, including motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds by the third day of classes.

The Parking Advisory Committee recommends and reviews regulations governing registration of vehicles as well as parking and traffic on the university campus. University motor vehicle regulations, procedures, and penalties are set forth on the Parking Services website. The operation of a motor vehicle on the university campus constitutes implied consent for university parking and traffic violations to be handled through informal disciplinary procedures with final written appeals to the Parking Appeals Committee.

For more detailed information, visit the Parking Services website.