Consensual Amorous Relationships

The university prohibits consensual romantic and/or sexual relationships between faculty members and undergraduate students, as well as between faculty members and those graduate students for whom the faculty member has direct professional responsibility. The term “direct professional responsibility” refers to many faculty roles, both within and outside of the classroom, including but not limited to teaching, academic advising, coaching (athletics, drama, etc.), and service on evaluation committees (awards, prizes, etc.) and graduate or undergraduate thesis committees. In effect, “direct professional responsibility for students” includes the supervision of all university-sponsored academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities. 

Currently there is no institution-wide policy that prohibits relationships between non-faculty employees and undergraduate or graduate students, unless the student is also working for (supervised by) the employee.  Certain university units -- namely, Student Affairs and Athletics -- prohibit employees in those units from having sexual or romantic relationships with any student.  

The university also prohibits administrators and other employees from engaging in sexual or romantic (amorous) relationships with employees they supervise.

The Deans of the Schools of Arts and Sciences may grant exemptions from this policy in exceptional circumstances.

For more information, please see the full policy