Section XI: Post-Hearing Review Procedures

A. Dean of Students Review. Upon receipt of an Honor Council’s written finding of responsibility, the Dean of Students/designee, in consultation with the Dean of the school with jurisdiction, will commence a review of the case, including the case documents, hearing notes, rationale of the panel, and, if necessary, the hearing recording.

1. If the Dean of Students finds that the judgment and/or sanction was discriminatory or that material prejudicial procedural error occurred that significantly affected the outcome, the Dean of Students may set aside the judgment and, if the error can be corrected on re-hearing, order that the matter be reheard.

2. If the Dean of Students finds that the sanction is impractical or cannot be implemented under law or university policy, the Dean may modify the sanction.

B.  Sanction Modification. The Dean of Students’s decision to modify the sanction will be provided in writing to the Respondent and the Chair of the Honor Council; the student may appeal the decision to modify the sanction. The Dean of Students will summarize the outcome of the case in an official letter to the Respondent.