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Section X. Records of Action Taken

When a student is found “not responsible” for an alleged violation and all opportunity for appeal has been exhausted, CVRP will destroy all statements not related to other pending reports of alleged violations after two weeks and will ensure that no reference to the proceedings appears in the student’s official educational records.

Sanctions of Permanent Dismissal and Suspension are posted as notations on the student’s transcript while the student is ineligible to enroll. CVRP maintains information concerning such sanctions permanently even though it removes the transcript notation once the student becomes eligible to re-enroll.

The university will maintain records of sanctions less than separation for three years after the student graduates. However, it will not disclose warnings to persons or entities outside the university unless the student has consented in writing to disclosure or has received been found responsible for further violations. Sanctions greater than warnings, on the other hand, will be maintained for three years after the student graduates, at which time the Director will destroy the record unless it involves separation from the university. The university will keep records of separation permanently. Also, when the graduates of a school or program must be licensed by a regulatory body (e.g., Law, Education, Accounting), the university may maintain records permanently.