Info about the Six Honor Councils

Students administer the Honor System through a system of six Honor Councils.
Undergraduate Honor Council

The Undergraduate Honor Council is elected through a university-wide election each February. Our election is unique because the candidates are selected without the use of campaigning. The members have been elected by their peers based on their reputations as student and campus leaders as well as being honorable members of the William & Mary community.

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2018-19 Council Members
Executive Board

Henry Crossman, Chair
Amelia Nell, Vice Chair
Anne Pietrow, Secretary
Elise Turrietta, Chief Financial Officer

Class of 2021

Madeline Brown
Andrew Caietti
Abduelwahab Hussein
Paige Jacobson
Raman Khanna
Sharon Kim
Emma Manring
Nicole Carrillo Vallejo

Class of 2020

Becca Deitch
Erin Gorham
Katie Heller
Maxime Legros
Nia Kitchin
Jenna Ollen
Anne Pietrow
Elise Turrietta

Class of 2019

Jessica Berry
Henry Crossman
Edward Fortunato
James Kunder
Amelia Nell
Darrien Spitz

Honor Council Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Note that during the Summer, the office typically is not staffed-please email us for assistance.

Undergraduate Honor Council Bylaws (pdf)

Contact Information:

Office Location: Campus Center Basement #007
Office Phone: (757) 221-3305
Fax (Please label all documents "Honor Council"): 757-221-2538

Submit a question or comment to the Honor Council
Arts and Sciences Council

Carmen Weaver (Law/Public Policy)


Graduate Business Honor Council

Chris Chavez
Lynn Jones
Brian Miller
Peter De Almeida
Cole Wallace
Jonathan Schloicka
Cindi Fellows
Laura Faulkner
Kaitlyn Neitz
Juan Alejandro
Thomas Fatale
Stephanie Pearson
Christa Myers

Contact us at
School of Education Honor Council

Lindsey Bauserman, Chair

Contact us at

Governing Body: Graduate Education Association
Law School Honor Council

Ali Mays, Chair
Jenn Carroll, Deputy Chair
Michaeli Hennessy, Secretary

2018-2019 Members
3L Associate Chairs

William Brown
Jennifer Carroll
Noah Chauvin
Kelly Rondinelli
Hannah Sherman
Evan Tucker

2L Associate Chairs 

Michaeli Hennessy
John McGuinness
Kelsey McNeil
Emily O'Hara 
Justin Rechel 
Kelsie Sicinski 

1L Associate Chairs
Evan Baines
Jamie Eisner
Andrew Gardner
Meghan Harrison
Katheryn Maldonado
Patton Solowey
Assistant Chairs

Andrew Huang
Hillary Kody
Daniel Urena


For more information, please see the Law School Honor Council's webpage.

Marine Science Honor Council

Chair: Amanda Knobloch,

2018-2019 Members
Annie Schat
Michelle Onofrio
Sam Fortin
Stephanie Wilson
Jack Conroy
Kathy Longmire
Tricia Thibodeau
Meredith Evans
Pamela Braff
Taylor Goelz
Serina Wittyngham
Kristen Bachand
Justin Shawler
Lydia Bienlien


Each governing body overseeing the councils determines the manner for selecting its members. Members are trained and advised by Community Values & Restorative Practices; however, the Councils are student-run--students determine whether sufficient evidence exists to conduct a hearing, and students determine violations and issue sanctions.

Click here for an explanation of Honor Council Roles/Who's Who