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About Us

Our Mission

William & Mary’s Student Conduct and Honor programs serve to maintain the university's community values and the behavioral expectations of the student body. The mission of Community Values is to promote a living and learning environment that is respectful of the rights and perspectives of others, that is safe and free from disruption, and that allows students and faculty members to pursue their educational goals.

We fulfill our mission by providing educational programs, addressing behavior that violates our community expectations and engaging students in reflective learning in order to foster personal development, civility, and an understanding of the responsibilities attendant with living in our community.

 Meet the Team

Fassanella, Terry
Interim Director of Community Values & Restorative Practices
Email: [[tafassanella]]

Gilbert, Dave
Sr. Associate Dean of Students & Director of Community Values
IMPORTANT: On leave during 2020 - 2021
Email: [[dmgil2]]
Voice: (757) 221-2509
Fax: (757) 221-2538


Helmer, Alexis
Graduate Assistant - Community Values & Restorative Practices
Email: [[amhelmer]]


Kasrai, Bobak
Assistant to the Dean of Students and Director of Student Services
Email: [[bxkasr]]
B.A.: 2009


Madson, Jocelyn
Administrative Coordinator, Community Values & Restorative Practices
Email: [[jamadson]]


Newby, Arielle
Assistant Director of Community Values & Restorative Practices