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Advisors are selected each year and receive extensive training and shadowing prior to taking cases.  For information regarding how to become a trained CHAP, please see our link to How to Become a CHAP.

2020 - 2021 CHAPs
Aidan Gossett (Chair)
Yan Lee (Vice Chair)
Bezawit Kentiba (Secretary)
Micah Lacasse (Outreach Coordinator)
Lizzie Crotty
Sophia Caronna-Morseman
Olivia D'Alessio
Matthew Lindeman
Amanda Gill
Ashanti Jones
Caroline Brickley
Claire Wyszynski
Kami Vigilant
Kendal Sanders
Kimberly Lores
Megan McGill
Riya Chhabra


To contact the CHAP Program or Request an Advisor send an email to