What to Expect

What you can expect from the Tribe TutorZone
  1. Individualized assistance. Your tutor will assist you with understanding course concepts, organizing and preparing for exams, comprehending material needed for assignments and will guide you in the development of problem-solving skills.
  2. A respectful, competent tutor. Your tutor will have been trained in tutoring skills and will have successfully completed the subject being tutored.
Your Responsibilities
  1. Plan ahead. A meeting with a tutor at the last minute before a test may not provide enough help. Students who meet with their tutors periodically throughout the semester will have established a better foundation of learning in that subject.
  2. Be prepared. Your tutor may not have the book or your assignment. Arrive at your session with any relevant materials—books, notes, articles, homework, quizzes.  Let the tutor know where you need help.
  3. Take an active role. You should have read the materials assigned to you before your tutoring session. A tutor is not a substitute for consultation with your professor or attendance at class lectures.
What you cannot expect from the Tribe TutorZone
  1. An editing service. Tribe TutorZone is not a service where you sit back and relax while your tutor corrects your homework.
  2. An omniscient and infallible tutor.
  3. Perfection on every test you encounter. One session is not typically enough to address every need. The goal of the tutoring session is to assist you with the development of independent learning and problem–solving skills in a particular subject, a process that happens gradually.