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TutorZone Mission

The mission of the TutorZone is threefold: to contribute to student retention and academic achievement, to coordinate the services of well-qualified and trained peer tutors, and to assist students with the development of independent learning skills.


The TutorZone can help with:
  • Learning skills vital to success in particular courses
  • Practicing problem-solving skills
  • Reviewing course material

Please note that the TutorZone is not able to help with specific assignments.


A TutorZone appointment is scheduled online. Students select the subject, the tutor, and the time for their appointment. Appointments must be booked at least 48-hours in advance. Pay close attention to the type of appointment- in person in the TutorZone or online via Zoom. 

Tutoring Cost

Tutoring sessions cost $15/hour. If you book a 90-minute appointment, the charge will be $20. All costs are billed via student accounts at the end of each month. 

TutorZone Scholarship

If you are concerned about being able to afford the cost of tutoring, please fill out our TutorZone Scholarship Application by selecting the appropriate option and providing the information requested. This will take less than a minute to complete. 


Our tutors are friendly and experienced students trained to assist with the development of independent learning skills in a variety of subjects. If this is your first tutoring appointment, please read Expectations.


The TutorZone is certified as an International Tutor Training Program by the College Reading & Learning Association.

What you can expect from the TutorZone
  1. Individualized assistance. Your tutor will assist you with understanding course concepts, organizing and preparing for exams, comprehending material needed for assignments, and will guide you in the development of problem-solving skills.
  2. A respectful, experienced tutor. All tutors are trained in tutoring skills and have mastered the subject being tutored.
Your Responsibilities
  1. Plan ahead. A tutoring appointment at the last minute before a test may not provide enough help. Students who meet with their tutors periodically throughout the semester have a better foundation of knowledge.
  2. Be prepared. Your tutor may not have the book or your assignment. Bring any relevant materials -books, notes, articles, homework, quizzes- to your appointment. Let the tutor know what you need help with.
  3. Take an active role. You should read the materials assigned to you before your tutoring appointment. A tutor is not a substitute for consultation with your professor or attendance at class lectures. Remember your professor is the first and best resource for information about course content. 
What you cannot expect from the TutorZone
  1. An editing service. The TutorZone is not a service in which you sit back and relax while your tutor corrects your homework.
  2. Perfection on every test you encounter. One session is not typically enough to address every need. The goal of the tutoring appointment is to assist you with the development of independent learning and problem–solving skills in a particular subject, a process that happens gradually. 

The TutorZone was established in September 2011 as a self-sustaining program by the Academic Enrichment Programs and numerous faculty who contributed their time and expertise to support the project. The TutorZone has grown immensely and now provides an average of 3,000 appointments per year in many different W&M courses. The TutorZone has developed a reputation as a resource that is both respected and recommended by faculty and students alike. In April 2015, the Tutor Zone became certified as an International Tutor Training Program by the College Reading & Learning Association.

Other Resources
Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is designed to support students in a one-on-one setting to help them meet their goals. Trained coaches guide students to develop the habits and skills to succeed. All coachees are paired with a coach for recurring appointments. 

All Coaching Program sessions will be conducted either in person in the TutorZone for the Fall 2022 semester.

What coachees can expect
  • Learn how to prioritize academic work
  • Learn study tips & resources for your current courses
  • Create a plan that establishes healthy balance between school, personal time, work, and other commitments
  • Meet with your coach on a weekly basis to continually update and rework your plan for success this semester
  • Graduate students with relevant experience 
  • Friendly, encouraging, non-judgmental, & knowledgeable
  • A desire to help & support students
Cost and Fee Waivers

A 60-minute coaching session is $25.00.

All charges will be billed to your student account at the end of each month.


In order to be paired with a coach, all students must be referred to the program. If you are interested in receiving coaching services but you have not been referred, please reach out to and an Academic Enrichment Programs staff member will work with you to determine if the coaching program will suit your needs. 

Coaches will set up recurring appointments in our scheduling system for all sessions following the first meeting. 

Time Management Consultations
How do you want to use your time? 

You have spent the majority of your educational years on a schedule that someone else created. Think about it; your meals, class schedule, co-curricular activities, bedtimes, work hours, and weekends were all structured by teachers, family, coaches, employers, and other people. Now you are in college where no one controls your time except you! 

Think about time management as a form of investing in yourself. Take the time to really think about how you want your time to be structured. When do you feel most productive? When do you want to eat breakfast? What activity do you spend the most amount of time doing? What activity do you spend the least amount of time doing? What needs to be in place for you to be successful? 

Check out the tools we have collected for you below to start structuring your time! 

Free Time-Management Consultations

Ready to learn how to schedule for success? Not sure where to start or want help along the way? Sign up for a free, one-hour session in the TutorZone with one of our friendly Time-Management consultants who will help you get organized. 


Time-Management Tools




Study Skills

Here are some good study habits for you to consider practicing:

  • Make a daily schedule listing all activities, including study time.
  • Avoid spending too much time on low-priority routine tasks and not enough time on important ones. Evaluate each activity on your list according to its priority and periodically review your priorities during the day.
  • Plan study times for when you are most alert. Sessions of about one hour with five- to ten-minute breaks are most effective.
  • If you have an hour between classes, find an empty classroom in an academic building and do some studying or reviewing!
  • Avoid procrastination. Begin your work as soon as you can.
  • Study in a quiet place free from distractions.
  • Try to study in a space that is adequately lit and not too warm.
  • Take breaks during your study sessions. Get up, walk around, eat a snack, and make sure that you get away from your study area for at least 5 minutes.

Want more information on how to study efficiently and effectively? Check out our strategic learning and time management options through the TutorZone. 


An extra learning assistance site that students have found helpful:
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